Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Engagement Photos – Ideas and Tips

Assuming you have already chosen your photographer and you plan on having an engagement photo session. What next?
Here are some press–cuttings that I’ve collected together - hopefully these will answer your questions and will help to get ready for your session.

Why is the engagement photo shoot important?
The engagement photo shoot is a great way for us to get to know each other before the wedding. It can be pretty awkward for us both if I show up to photograph your wedding and have only met you once briefly at your booking appointment! It’s important that you are comfortable with my style and I know you on a personal level so your wedding images can truly reflect your personalities and your relationship.

Choosing the Right Locations
The next thing you need to decide are the locations where you would like to have your engagement photos taken. These locations are places that would either look really cool on your pictures or places that are special to you as a couple for one reason or another. By choosing different locations that have some type of connection to your relationship you'll be able to be much more genuine during your shoot and you're almost guaranteed to appreciate them more in the long run.

Some great places that could potentially make your list of locations are:
• Where you first met
• Where you had your first date
• A restaurant, coffee shop or any other location that you frequent as a couple
• A really cool looking landscape or skyline that's near by
• A location with lots or bright and vibrant colors (graffiti wall)
• A location that would be the last place that you would think of getting your engagement photos taken, like an abandoned warehouse or old junkyard.

Once you select your locations, don't be scared to get outside of your comfort zone a little bit when you're getting your photos taken. Have fun and explore the spaces -- you're only going to have one chance, so don't leave anything out that you'll regret not getting once you're finished.

Also, while you're traveling to your different locations, don't be afraid to make an impromptu stop if you feel the need to take advantage of a new place or background.

Clothing Options and Ideas for Poses
The final engagement photo ideas that you should know about before getting your engagement photos taken are the clothing that you're going to bring along for the shoot and what poses you're going to do once you get all dressed up and are finally in front of the camera.

Depending on how many locations that you're planning on going to you may only need one outfit. But, if you're in it for the long haul and have plenty of time and patience, then you could even go so far as having multiple sets of clothes for each of your locations. Just remember that if you have the room to haul around a bunch of clothes, it's always better to pack more stuff than less. Having options is never a bad thing and once you're on the clock with your photographer it's going to be hard to head back to your house for additional wardrobe changes. So, be prepared and once again, have some fun with it!

Your poses tie in with the clothing that you choose because potentially some of your clothes could limit your poses due to being too restricted, revealing or who knows what. Your poses should once again reflect your personality as a couple and you should try to get as many different poses in at each location as your time allows. Also, I would suggest that you try to mix in some serious poses with some fun and romantic poses so that by the time your photo shoot is over you'll get a great mix of everything.

One other thing -- be ready to do a lot of smiling, kissing, nose-rubbing and cheek-brushing because these are what help create some of the most amazing shots you'll take.
The more fun you have, the better your engagement photos will be.

Wear something comfortable...something that you don't mind getting dirty in...'cause you’re going to get dirty, wet, makes for the best photographs!

No patterns, big logos, stripes or checks. Keep it simple. Because when you try to convert the picture to black and white, sepia, then becomes to distracting...and you want the focus to be on the couple...not the clothes.

And best of all, I recommend the bride wear a just looks more elegant and classy...but again, it really depends on the couple, the look they are going for, and where we are shooting. But dresses are nice, because if it's windy...the dress flows, the hair just makes for a romantic photograph.

Some suggestions for places:
Boston Public Gardens – Beacon Hill
Museum of Fine Art – Back Bay Fens
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Salem, MA - Downtown and Winter Island
The DeCordova Sculpture Park
Borderland State Park in Easton MA
Any Beach area (Cape Code gold sand or North Rocky Shore)
Farm – Orchard (best time in May or September)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding Ring

I was browsing a wedding magazine the other day and saw an article about these artsy wedding rings.
Here is a picture with the ring that really drew my attention. The ring that is regal but a bit rebellious at the same time.

Guess what – I have a similar ring.

I don’t want to brag about my ring and don’t get me wrong – diamonds are beautiful – but this one is a great idea for something different and unusual.
Here is a link where you can fund this ring – Alex and Chloe Wedding ring - h