Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Stuff to Share

I’ve always been interested in various forms of design. I spent 5 years in Art School (besides High School) learning painting, sculpture and art history when I was a teenager. I also graduated as a Graphic and Web Designer after I’d moved to US. After getting my feet wet with design I started to be involved in photography. Long story short – I was always involved with art and art projects – going to an art school, doing art projects with my daughter, commercial graphic design or photography.

Here’s some press cutting that I’d like to share – stuff that I came across and found interesting, unique or unusual. I hope you find some of the ideas useful.

Here the first one - Asian Ideas - http://www.asianideas.com/
I found this cool web site where you can buy decoration for your upcoming event. It can be wedding, bridal/baby shower, birthday party or any other events.
If you’re having an outdoor event with the tent these paper balls can make a huge difference and you can even illuminate them from the inside.

Also they make this small table light as a flower which looks good as a table decoration at night.

And the last one. They sell paper and fabric parasols. I LOVE it. You can get really gorgeous and juicy pictures.

All this stuff could be ordered in your wedding/event colors.

There is another place where you can find some custom-made parasols. I have her link on my Links page – http://www.photosbydasha.com/